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One Stop Shop Pharmacy Online  is one of the best known, standing, and most trusted suppliers of research chemicals and other drugs online  in Europe and the US, the #1 Supplier of Potassium Cyanide , Nembutal Sodium , and other research chemicals in the World.

We supply novel organic and inorganic compounds chemicals to EU, UK and US,ASIA,AFRICA based institutes, chemistry students and other used.

We know how frustrating it can be when dealing with a lot of typical suppliers – lack of communication and slow response, orders weighing less than they should, impure compounds, or mis-labelled material sent out under the guise of more exciting chemicals.

One Stop Shop Pharmacy Online  is always at the cutting edge of the industry, delivering up novel compounds before anyone else, leading the way with quality control and innovation, and the place where even researchers who aren’t yet our customers come to find out the latest news.


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